Šiloko restaurant is on a very unique location, 5 meters by the sea in the center of the Gradina bay. While you enjoy perfect sunset, local cuisine specialties are being prepared for you.

With homegrown vegetables and glass of great Croatian wine, your perfect dinner is served.

Gradina lobster illustration

Restaurant keeps live shellfish in a terrace pool! Local fishermen are delivering fresh seafood every day early morning and Šiloko team will prepare it and send it to you via gradele.

Gradina Bay - Grilled lobster

Dalmatian dishes are nothing without dalmatian wine…

Plavac Mali is an origin variety of red grapes, cultivated primary on Pelješac peninsula with few mythical positions – Postup and Dingač.

Šiloko offers majestic Matuško Dingač Barrique as probably the best Croatian red wine.

For those in love with white grapes we can say that Korčula is a craddle of Pošip – famous Croatian white grapes variety and without any doubt the most powerful Croatian white wine. Pošip Krajančić is your best companion if you like that story…

Smokvica town with vineyards

Pošip is a true Croatian white grape indigenous to the island of Korčula. This wine has intense aroma and flavor (think of dried apricots and figs), and therefore is also suitable for pasito wines. Back in 1967, Pošip was the first white wine in Croatia with a denomination of origin.

Dingač position on Pelješac

This mythical position is called Dingač, a protected winegrowing zone since 1964, protected as an area of origin in Geneva in 1964. Plavac Mali is the most widespread red grape variety of Dalmatia. Why is Dingač position so special then? Dingač and the neighboring Postup are known as the most extreme conditions in which Plavac Mali can be cultivated. In these conditions, the vine is exposed to so called triple insolation. The “three suns” which begin with direct rays of sun in sunrise, then shines over the sea surface and ending the day reflecting over white rocks under the grapes. These grapes are pure solar energy in liquid form.

Šiloko is a family restaurant, and since we opened in 2007. we are preparing local food and homegrown vegetables in traditional way.We hope you will let us take you on the forgotten taste journey…

Zoran, Siniša and Kikaš are specialists at your service,

don´t forget to tip them. 🙂

Šiloko restaurant Zoran

Zoran is owner and worker, best housekeeper miles away

Zoran The Boss, Šiloko team
Šiloko restaurant Siniša

Siniša is a pilot and chefs. Joga master. Never gets angry.

Siniša The Chef, Šiloko team
Gradina Crazy Kikash

Kikaš is like an elephant, remembers everything and carries a little bit more

Crazy Kikaš, Šiloko team


Meatlovers don´t worry, we have finest stakes waiting for you. Grilled on dalmatian oak wood and coated in our olive oil is something you will not easily forget.

Adress :

Gradina 58, 20270 Vela Luka, Croatia

Tel : + 385 20 813 597

Mob : + 385 91 201 1040


Working hours :

1.5. – 1.7.      16 – 24 h

1.7. – 1.9.       9 – 24 h

1.9. – 1.10.   16 – 24 h

Reservations recommended during July and August.

See you in Gradina!