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Korčula (Korkyra Melaina, Corcyra Nigra) is a Croatian island on the Adriatic Sea in the southern Adriatic next to the Dalmatian coast and it is most populated Adriatic island with app. 17 000 permanent inhabitants. Vela Luka is located on the far western part of the island Korčula, in a deep and large bay, surrounded with many coves. On the north-western part of the island, near the town of Vela Luka, there is a beautiful bay Gradina. In Gradina there is a small island called “Gubeša”, that protects the bay from the strong western winds and makes Gradina well protected anchorage for boats and smaller ships.


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Nautical guide


Gradina Bay is one of the coves in the Bay of Vela Luka, and it can be reached using the asphalt road  5 km ride from the town of Vela Luka. The broad bay is protected from most winds and represents an ideal anchorage for small boats with a freeboard of up to 4 m. The cove is shallow, with a partially pebbly coast and a sandy bottom, which is why it is often chosen by families with children. In the peaceful bay surrounded by pine forest and olive groves history tells us many stories….Click here for detailed nautical guide and see you soon in Gradina!

Partially opened to S/E wind – Šiloko
Allowed anchorage
Food, bed and WiFi available
No marine services

Local food?

In the bay of Gradina there is a restaurant  Šiloko with a wide selection of local specialties. The restaurant has a terrace by the sea with a beautiful view of the sea and sunset. This is a small family restaurant that works for many years, during the summer months. Compound pleasant atmosphere and the wide range stored in the traditional way satisfies different tastes. The restaurant is a place full of fresh and different shells, top fish and live lobsters kept in their own seapool! Click for more…


Gradina tells stories !


Once upon a time…

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